NHMRC Centre of Research Excellence

Optimising human milk nutrition to improve the long‑term health of preterm infants

A collaborative project bringing together leading multidisciplinary researchers to improve human milk feeding among infants born too soon.

Prioritising Human Milk Feeding Strategies Through Collaboration

Our CRE is informed by priorities identified by families with a baby born preterm, health care providers and global recommendations.

Emphasising optimal human milk feeding strategies and interventions to support breastfeeding, these priorities drive our research projects.

National priority setting - UK Top research priorities for preterm birth Preterm infants research priorities - The Lancet

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The CRE is committed to supporting researchers from clinical and non-clinical backgrounds

The CRE Investigators strongly encourage interested students with existing or proposed projects aligning with the above topics or one of the CRE priority areas to apply for scholarships and funding.

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Our Partners

CRE In Human Milk Nutrition for Preterm Infants is proudly funded by the National Health and Medical Research Council (NHMRC) #2024589 and supported by our partner institutions

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